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About the Company

The expert evaluators at CAR, Inc provide firesetting evaluations on clients ranging in age from early childhood through adult life. The evaluation reports are utilized by a wide variety of stakeholders as an aid in determining case disposition, placement and sentencing.

The Center for Arson Research (CAR, inc) is a professional service that offers comprehensive face to face arsonist profile evaluations of those suspected or accused of crimes related to firesetting and/or firebombing. CAR, Inc responds to requests to do suspect profiling and works throughout the country in consultation with arson task force groups and to assist in cold case analysis. Dian Williams, Ph.D., RN, and professional arson profiler lectures throughout the world on the identification of arson subtypes and specific interviewing strategies for each subtype.

How to Get an Arsonist Profile Completed

The Center for Arson Research contributes to the body of knowledge about firesetting behavior through original research and collaboration with other social scientists and criminal justice researchers. CAR, Inc has conducted face to face interviews with known or suspected firesetters for over 25 years and the organization is recognized as an established presence in the field.




The Center is pleased to offer the second edition of the text book “Understanding the Arsonist: From Assessment to Confession”, published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company. Dr. Williams also contributed a chapter in the textbook, “Forensic Nursing, a Handbook for Practice”, published by Jones and Bartlett. She also is the author of numerous articles on ethnics in professional practice.

For more information about our expert arson risk assessment services, arson research seminars and arsonist profiles, please contact us today at 215-843-2115 or via email at drarson@msn.com. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our company. We look forward to hearing from you today.